★Find me in Switzerland.

Dear Readers,
Have you ever wondered about your previous life? 
Where and when were you before you were you? You who?

Last week I went to Switzerland on my holidays. 
I saw three Evian like mountains in front of my very eyes. 
You can see them on my travel diary: 
Anyway, I went there for another purpose.

The day I decided to go to Switzerland was just a year ago today. My spiritual counselor said to me before talking about Switzerland, ''Sounds like you lived in a mountain village of Switzerland 
or Belgium as a minister in your previous life.'' 
What’s a coincidence! I was gobsmacked.

I passed many villages by tour bus and train in Switzerland. I was surprised that there were so many churches in mountain villages.

On the fifth day, I was taking a walk near my hotel and for small village I found a very big church. 

The next morning, I felt I should go there again. I had a quick breakfast and went there and said to God, ''I hope I can do something more to help people.''

At that moment I noticed that people go to church on Sundays and say something to a minister in a confession booth in order to forget the past and move on. It sounds like my job!

And people sit in front of a minister on Sundays. I write this newsletter on Mondays. I am providing people with the opportunity for facing oneself once a week, too.

We have a lot in common. If so I should try spending even more time on others as that leads to improving myself and people’s happiness. 

In my book, that’s alright.


Have a great week☆彡
Thanks for reading! 
Hitomi Horiguchi 


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