★Fifteen years ago, I got a message from the future or 'Finding Momo in me.'

Dear Readers, We can’t travel to the future but the future can travel to us in the present, but you might not notice it unless you look for it. 

Recently I watched a movie ‘Interstellar’ so I sometimes google ‘Space-time’. And then, I suddenly remembered the children ‘s book ‘Momo’ my acquaintance suggested I read when I was struggling with increasing sales as a shop manager. Somehow I thought it didn’t make sense and I couldn’t understand the story line of it at all. I just knew its theme was about ‘Space-time.’ So I read it again for the first time in fifteen years. And then I was gobsmacked by the following. 

 ‘...what Momo was better at than anyone else was listening. Anyone can listen, you may say - what is so special about that ? - but you would be wrong. Very few people know how to listen properly, and Momo''s way of listening was quite unique.’ 

 Oh! This is me! 

 On that day my client asked me, ''Why does your feedback make me come to realize a lot of things?’ And I answered ‘What I say sounds very true because I just listen carefully.’ After that I remembered ‘Momo’and downloaded it onto my kindle. I realized ‘I became like Momo.’ and then my eyes welled up with tears. The book my acquaintance told me about sounds like message from the future! That thing was normal at first glance but there might be hidden messages in it from the future. 

One day people will be able to understand. A lot of hints are dropped in our daily life. There is some foreshadow in our lives like a novel. If you want to notice the sign from the future, you should live in the present. Like I was, having a hard time finding a solution that day. 

Well, Momo will tell us about the Space-time from now on, so see you next time! 


 Have a great week☆彡 

 Thanks for reading! 

 Hitomi Horiguchi 


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