The art of the researcher.

Ichiro will be a special assistant adviser for the Mariners and in his interview he said, “I’ve always wanted to be a researcher of baseball. If I continue to practice and work on things every single day, what will become of me? I'm more interested in that.” 

ONE DAY ONE UNIT thinking leads you to make a habit of just doing things towards a better future. But sometimes you might be anxious about what you will be in the future. If so, how should you think to be calmer?  

 My client just keeps on doing something but she feels it’s like training because the things she does cannot be measured by results and that often makes her feel lonely. 

 People around her acknowledge her and say that she did it very well so she was happy to hear that but she won’t resolve any uncertainties about the future.  

 So I said, “Having fear and anxiety, that’s what’s fun about it. If you feel that way, you will be a seeker or a researcher. That’s cool! You are a researcher. You make an experiment every single day. You might make a scientific discovery someday. Just kidding!”  

 Through the development of researching, it’s important to realize changes, find a new perspective and to cultivate sensitivity that’s the pleasure of being a researcher. To realize how to change ordinary days can be to acknowledge oneself. As you never know the future you can only discover. 


★1D1U EVENT Epi.2 (まねる)8月25日(土)東京&オンライン 開催

◎Epi.2 『Watch & Learn まねる』は、「目には見えない教わり上手」に入っていきます。学ぶけれど、表現していなかったり、学んで終わりになっていないでしょうか? 学んだことをより進化させるための「自分の内側の声の聴き方」について考察していきます。ここを通過すると、守破離の「離」。クリエイティブで楽しい時期に入れるのです!


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